Kenneth Kang

For any organisation to have good HR strategies, policies etc is one thing, to have a HR head who is able to constantly innovate and deliver effective HR strategies that transcend, as demographics and workforce behavior changes is another. I have known Stephen for 15 years, and his uncanny ability to connect and empathize with people from all walks of life his stethoscope to hear and feel the pluses of any organisation workforce. Stephen's flexible and approachable nature makes him a great leader who can identify, harness and put together a team of talents that can drive any organisation to greater heights. Looking forward to have a chance to work with you again!

Kenneth Kang
Managing Director at Value Consultancy (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tat Liang Koh

Stephen has a wealth of experience in wide areas encompassing best practices in especially HR, leadership and management. He is highly respected for his professionalism, tenacity, great interpersonal skills and a strong passion to drive excellence. His commitment in volunteering in numerous capacities is another impactful accomplishment. Being helpful and empathetic to people in need, he is known to go the extra mile.

Tat Liang Koh
Chairman at Intel Wise Group (IWG). Supply Chain & Operations Management Professional

I had the privilege to be part of Stephen’s team since I moved into the HR specialization many years ago. Stephen is a very creative individual who works with the team to bring many (ahead of its time) initiatives to life. Stephen has an uncanny ability to engage individuals as well as groups. This allows discussions to be open and candid with staff and management alike. Through Stephen, I also had the opportunity to work on talent development and employee engagement projects in our organization. Indeed, these were valuable experience that I thankful for.

Grace Loo
Associate Director, Human Resources Business Partner
Mamie Cheong

Stephen holds talent development very close to his heart, both for the professional community at KPMG as well as for tertiary students participating in Enactus. He was instrumental in helping Enactus Singapore set up the Responsible Leader's Programme. He is a supportive Board member and always had time to meet with me, whether to catch up or and to give guidance on various aspects of running our non-profit organisation.

Mamie Cheong
Former CEO at Enactus Singapore

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephen for some 10 years in my role at CPA Australia and have known him for a way longer period. He’s a great people person – always listening, championing and thinking through professional collaborations from a people perspective. He has also always had a heart for education and developing leaders. With this approach, he has supported CPA Australia with many practical ideas that have energised our annual International Accountants Day event which seeks to raise the profile of the accounting profession and encourage professionals to give back to society. At the core, Stephen is an inspirational professional of people and leadership development.

Melvin Yong
Country Head - Singapore at CPA Australia

Stephen was an active member of the Board of Enactus Singapore for over 8 years when I was Chair. Representing KPMG, he was highly supportive of the program and made many contributions, one of the most significant was developing the Responsible Leadership model. He was also a mentor to many student members and projects. Stephen is a pleasure to work with - he is grounded, always willing to lend a hand, measured and composed. His views and advice was certainly much appreciated.

Gerard Chai
Chairman - Singapore and Asia Pacific Leader, Technology Officers Practice at Korn Ferry

I worked with Stephen in the first 3 years of my role in HR. He was a good friend, a trusted colleague and a great mentor given his 20+ years of experience in HR. Stephen was undeniably a great listener, and at the same time, he was full of ideas. One of his best qualities was his communication and writing skills. His choice of words was always genuine and positive. Every announcement he created was always creative and persuasive, regardless of how challenging the messages he wanted to send across. I learned a lot from Stephen and I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again.

Ivana Arlianto
Head of People Performance & Culture - KPMG Indonesia

I've had the pleasure of working with Stephen Tjoa for more than 20 years. It was Stephen who introduced me to KPMG, recognising that I could play a role that I couldn't even envisage in the early years. And that's one of Stephen's strengths - identifying people and helping them to be successful at what they do. He's a great listener too and has undoubtedly played a part in the career development of many.

Dawn Westerhout
Head of Marketing & Communications, KPMG Asia Pacific

I have known Stephen for almost 10 years. We started working together because of Stephen's ambition to see KMPG rise to the top as an Ideal Employer in Singapore by helping transform the organization into a more Millennial friendly environment. He understood early, even when many others didn't, the importance of bridging the gap between the incoming generations and the existing workforce. Our meetings turned into brainstorming sessions, and out brainstorming sessions turned into insightful discussions about leadership in a multigenerational workplace. Stephen is one of the most open-minded professionals I have ever met. You can talk to him about anything. He has a knack for connecting with people and making them feel at ease. This stems from his innate ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging exchange of ideas that bring about innovation. Today I consider Stephen to be a good friend. I never hesitate to seek his advise when I need to bounce back ideas, or gain insights into leadership and people matters within large organisations. I always value his guidance and look forward to our discussions!

Rachele Focardi
Global Thought-Leader in Multigenerational Workforce Dynamics, Employer Branding and Talent Strategy

Stephen not only has great technical skills in HR management and leadership development, but is also capable of providing solid business insights and presenting them effectively. He is a pleasure to work with and more than once has guided me towards achieving better outcomes from my work. He has great humour and energy and motivates others very well, ‘walking his talk’ and being an outstanding role model for others

Andrew Thomson
Partner - Focusing on Automotive, Mobility and Transportation at Amrop

Stephen is a notably generous professional, ever willing to give his time, attention and wisdom to his colleagues in the interest of making them thrive. Over the past two years working together at KPMG Singapore, Stephen has on numerous occasions provided insights and encouragement to help me move ahead with greater assurance. I find Stephen highly principled, reflective and empathetic – key traits of a human-centric leader.

Catherine Law
Director, Centre for Executive Coaching at KPMG

Stephen is a man with great humor and calm in handling situations during turbulence times. He obessess incredible communication skills. Under his leadership, he always supported me in whatever projects or initiatives I'm working on. He is a amazing mentor. Thanks, Stephen for his trust and guidance.

Ong Jin Feng
Associate Director of People Tech at KPMG Singapore

I have known Stephen for more than 20 years and had the pleasure of collaborating with him on the People agenda at KPMG Singapore for a long period over about 10 years. Stephen, Partner in charge of Human Resource, was my direct report at KPMG when I was entrusted with promoting the firm as the employer of choice. Stephen has an uncanny ability to connect with staff at all levels. He has a high level of empathy and is a trusted adviser, confidant and friend to many current and former KPMG staff. Stephen has an extremely good memory and is able to almost immediately recall the names of many current and former staff not just by sight but from a brief description of the person. Stephen has a firm grasp of what motivates people and factors that encourage people to improve and become high performers. He also has a keen insight into business having served as a consultant himself. These qualities help Stephen to identify people motivation and performance issues and enable him to analyse, suggest and craft effective HR policies and programs to build a high performing culture with improved staff motivation and retention. Stephen’s contribution to the People agenda at KPMG has been spectacular and is a key contributing reason for the many HR awards and accolades garnered by KPMG. I have no doubt that Stephen is able to help many organisations achieve better results by energising and improving their Human Capital.

Philip Lee
Member, Governing Council at Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation Limited (SAFEF)

Stephen personifies human-centered leadership. I first established a career in audit and consulting with KPMG, and one reason why I had such an enriching and empowering experience, is due to Stephen's inspiring leadership. He has the instinctive ability to engage and bring out the best in people. Stephen has long been a champion in activating human potential. It has been most fulfilling collaborating on impactful initiatives such as the Women of Substance conference, with my company, Influence Solutions and KPMG, partnering to make a positive difference to Diversity and Inclusion. With his wealth of experience and passion for talent development, Stephen will add tremendous value to organizations and the community.

Karen Leong ? The Change Catalyst, CSP. Transformation Expert
Helping people thrive on change through elevating influence & impact. Global conference speaker, aut

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Stephen for more than 15 years in his role leading the People function at KPMG Singapore. Stephen always added immense value to our regional discussions, led the way in terms of best practice in the HR space and was a fantastic and proactive member of the Regional HR leadership team. Stephen brings a rare blend of forward thinking, technical excellence and a common sense approach to his leadership. Inspiring loyalty and respect in his team members, Stephen has a very collaborative approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stephen for a strategic HR Leadership Advisory role or Non-Exec Directorship in a people orientated organisation.

Victoria Muir
Prescient Healthcare Group - Chief Talent Officer, Global Head of People

Stephen is a great superior, mentor and friend. During the time working together with him, I've learned a tremendous amount of humility and have a greater appreciation of what leadership truly is. His ability to bring human beings from different walks of life to work towards a common goal is really a whole different level. Stephen's ability to see the strength in each of his team members, and bringing out the best in them is what I admire most. It was really privileged to have worked with him on various projects and grateful to have a friend like him.

Calvin Lee
Managing Director and Co-Founder | Enabling innovative education through technology

Stephen is a great friend and mentor and it was a pleasure to working with him. As a mentor, he never fails to provide a listening ear and also in share his thoughts and knowledge. Stephen's management skills and HR experiences have helped the firm to be an employer of choice. The HR awards gathered attest to his contribution. If there is anyone looking for a successful HR Partner, I would strongly recommend him

Ferris Chan
Director, Business Development at VISTRA

Stephen has always been a great friend and mentor, who also used to be one of my bosses. He is one of the rare people that constantly approaches any challenge with empathy and resiliently follow though till the end. He is also a man of integrity and does not do the finger pointing when things don’t go well. People who works or worked with him can sense his sincerity and warmth. Due to his great sense of righteousness, he has a wide network of friends and he never fails to go the extra mile when a calling comes along. I am always thankful to have known Stephen.

Edmund Teo
Principal Investigator, Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) Microsoft Asia

Stephen was a great mentor and a pleasure to work with! As a leader, he is open to conversations and never fails to share his advice and knowledge. Stephen's management skills and deep HR experiences have helped the team to navigate through many challenges! Thank you for your mentorship all these years!

Clare Chew
Talent Development at PwC Singapore | IHRP-CP

Stephen is an awesome boss and mentor. I had the privilege of working with him on Firm wide projects and was thankful for the opportunity to learn from him. He has a natural flair with people, and inspires his team with his can-do attitude and collaborative style. Would love to work with him again!

Edmund Heng
Technology risk & governance

Stephen played a big role in my formative years at KPMG. Always accessible, he was the model mentor with good advice each and every time. His demeanour was always calm and I attribute much of my success to his guidance and sincere involvement.

Christopher Tay
Co-Founder and Board Member at S11 Group PCL (S11:Bangkok)